Drex's Tech Poi Blog #287: Timing and direction in 1.5s

Some of my earliest tech blogs were on 1.5s and figuring out all the different types of them. A recent class from Ronan reminded me of some of this work and specifically a few ideas in them that I'd gotten wrong ;) Here is Ronan's approach to thinking about 1.5s and how timing direction work with them.

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Drex's Tech Poi Blog #280: Hand switching in 1.5 no-beat throws

The first bit of Burning Man wrap up! This is a nifty no-beat throw Ted Petrosky was playing with one day in Vulcantown that sets up a hand switch.

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Drex's Tech Poi Blog #256: Thomas's BTB 1.5 move

Another in the wrap-up series from IgNight. This is a BTB 1.5-like move that Thomas "Nevisoul" Johannson came up with that had a lot of appreciators. Like Keith's move, this one isn't hugely difficult but has a lovely elegance to it that I appreciate.

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Drex's Tech Poi Blog #250: snaking 1.5s

This was one of the last pieces of tech I learned at FLAME and came out of a skill share that happened back at Kinetic Hive after we got back from the festival. It was born out of the idea of combining 1.5s with body tracers and we realized our basic pattern had a lot in common with a 1.5 CAP that Mireneye came up with years ago. Here also are two variants that Ky and myself came up with.

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Basic Poi Dancing Tutorial: Pendulums and 1.5s

Part 1 of transition tools--tricks you can use to switch between other tricks! This is on pendulums and 1.5s. Pendulums work by not allowing the poi to complete a circle and because of that they switch direction whenever they reach the height of their arc. One move that makes use of this phenomenon is the 1.5 beat weave and in this video I demo both how to learn the 1.5 beat weave and how to use it to switch to other moves.

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Drex's Tech Poi Blog #212: Uses for sneaky tosses

More throws for your consumption--this time a type of toss I've heard both Erik and Ted refer to as a "sneaky toss". It's something like a float throw but performed in such a way that it seems to continue a static or small extension motion, rather than requiring a loop like isolated or overhead tosses. It's an integral component in a type of toss weave I've seen Poiboi do in his videos and a fun sneaky toss switch that G showed me while he was in town. I think his version finished differently, but I like the properties the version I'm doing here has.

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Video Tech Blog #128: horizontal cateye 1.5

On Halloween weekend I got to spend some quality time spinning with some of my favorite spinners on the East Coast. One of them, Baz, came up with this funky move, which I recorded and edited into a video of our fun that day. A few people have asked how it's accomplished--it's essentially a 1.5 weave with a horizontal cateye substituted for a static spin. You can perform this either by having the poi head drop below the other poi head midway through the horizontal cateye, or complete the cateye to keep the move within the unit circle.

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Video Tech Blog #122: Cool 1.5 based tunneling pattern

Just a funky pattern I played around with Sunday with Erik that it turns out yields some cool looking tunneling/composites. I took some video of the two of us doing the pattern together that I'll hopefully get posted in the next week. This is just a step-by-step of how the move is done.

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Poi Tech Blog #105: opposites and 1.5 pulseweaves

First up, a short recap of the last video as the audio was of awful quality. Next up, a couple additional variations on the pulseweave concept performed with the poi in opposites or as a 1.5. The opposites one seems to yield line extensions on one side and linear isolations on the other. As for the 1.5s, given that there are four distinct positions each hand can occupy in the course of this move, it also means that there are a possible 16 different combinations for how this move can be performed (both pendulums forward, both pendulums back, one forward and one back, etc).

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Video Tech Blog #96: triquetra vs pendulum hand switching

This puts together a few threads that came out of Firedrums and Wildfire. It's basically just a couple different approaches to switching which hand is performing pendulum and which is performing triquetra in a hybrid. We can use either 1.5 stacking or a lockout to get us there--or both if we so choose!

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