Drex's Tech Poi Blog #313: The airwrap cube

An interesting property of wall plane insides that Alien Jon showed to me while I was in Boulder for Christmas: the arms analog to an airwrap is a 4-beat windmill or watermill and in theory this is just a truncated version of a hyperloop/inversion. Jon pointed out to me, though, that when spinning clockwise with the crosspoint pointed down (as it would be in an airwrap), the only watermill one has access to in wall plane has the left hand leading.

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Drex's Tech Poi Blog #297: Airwraps in atomics

It took me a very long time to learn airwraps--the usual wisdom, that when you wrap up a pair poi and they automatically unwrap never really worked for me. Even more confusing to me was how some folks could wrap their poi both ways. I'd tried doing it in an introverted kind of place and had an epically hard time of it.

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Basic Poi Dancing Tutorial: Tangles part 3 orbitals

Capping off our series on tangles with the baddest tangle of them all: the orbital! If you haven't already, check out last week's tutorial on hyperloops because it'll be REALLY important this week (

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Basic Poi Dancing Tutorial: Tangles part 2 hyperloops

Last week we talked about air wraps and this week we're going to take that same idea and apply it to moving across the body. This is a concept known as a hyperloop and while it takes quite a bit of work to get to, it's a great stepping stone to getting to orbitals.

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Video Tech Blog #180: Intro to inversions and introversions part 2

Part 2 in my series on beginner level inversion and introversion play. Last video we practiced individual elements of these moves and here we combine them together--first by taking any 2 together, then all 3, then a funky fountain variant that utilizes the type that seems like an airwrap or hyperloop. There's plenty more fun down this well, so be sure to check out some of Alien Jon, Ky Lee, Christian, and Baz's videos for more inverted goodness.

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Video Tech Blog #121: airwraps as plane-bends into atomics

At PDF, Joe Graff showed me a most fascinating move he'd been working on ever since he saw Pineapple Pete and G's video "The Airwrap Reloaded" in which the two posit that the airwrap is the oldest type of plane bend in poi. Taking a cue from this, Joe used an airwrap to plane bend into planes that were 90 degrees offset, resulting in an atomic. I found that with a little tweaking, this same combo could be used to reverse the direction of the airwrap as well.

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Video Tech Blog #120: contact poi with airwraps

Ironically I've been running across a lot of tricks lately that involve airwrap transitions, so I'm making it a theme of the coming week. Here are two such moves: one that was theorized but not performed at Wildfire involves catching the poi in the shoulder and hand cradle that Marvin demonstrated at Burning Man, but then catching it in an airwrap when throwing it back out. Ted and I tried unsuccessfully to pull this move off on Friday night, but I've figured out the trick to make it work.

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Pineapple Pete and G: the Reloaded sessions

Things have been busy down under! If you're not familiar with Aussie poi auteur Pineapple Pete, you should give a look to this fascinating video from a couple years ago showing off some of his experiments at the "Church of Poi".

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Video Tech Blog #45: airwraps and dissecting the spherical CAP

I'm trying to think if there are two more different skills I could have spent the last week playing with. Among the gaps in my knowledge are airwraps and how to get out of hyperloops. This week I finally set down to learn how this type of motion works and by and large the practice has been paying off. Also I've spent a lot of time working on the spherical CAP pattern I theorized about last week, breaking it down to each incremental movement.

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