Poi Tutorial: Cateye vs Pendulum

Today's tutorial is on one of the less-performed antibrids, but still a personal favorite of mine: pendulum vs cateye. It's a helpful one to know because it includes transition points to go back and forth between isolation vs cateye, pendulum vs triquetra, and CAP vs pendulum--next week I'll cover the theory behind some of the transitions I use with these moves! 

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Drex's Tech Poi Blog #349: Pendulum vs cateye transitions

A cool poi trick that came out of an experiment from an earlier tech vid: when performing the transition from pendulum vs CAP to static vs point iso, that static vs point iso can serve to transition into either cateye vs iso or cateye vs isolated pendulum. Both have a really cool bouncy effect and make use of something I dearly love about poi: the capacity to create moves that establish relationships between the poi and hands.


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Drex's Tech Poi Blog #345: Cateye vs iso vs extension tribrid

Following on last week's work with hybrids in three-poi land, here's another attempt of what has now been dubbed "tribrids" on the Tech Poi Facebook Group. This one utilizes a butterfly-like motion to create a cateye vs isolation vs extension tribrid, creating an intersection between three different hybrid pairs! (cateye vs iso, ext vs iso, cateye vs ext).

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Drex's Tech Poi Blog #339: Atomic point iso combo

Another great bit of tech from Mireneye! I love the weird possibilities this kid finds--here we take a standard atomic weave and find that there's a moment in it where we can treat it like a point iso vs extension hybrid. The great thing about it is that it works on either side, so it's a great transition between 2D and 3D moves.

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Drex's Tech Poi Blog #330: Uses for 1-petal inspin vs static

This is kinda retro tech, but it still leads to some fun places. Using static spin vs 1-petal inspin creates a moment that makes for an easy transition to a split-same isolation. You can use that moment to switch to static spin vs 1-petal inspin with each hand's role reversed or any number of patterns that use linear isolations through the body center.

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Drex's Tech Poi Blog #327: BTH Antibrids

A nifty idea picked up from Conway Jennings when he was last in DC--switching the direction of a CAP vs static spin BTH to get different antibrid combinations. It creates the same sort of relationship between hand and poi that CAP vs pendulum does, but with a cool BTH element.

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Drex's Tech Poi Blog #248: Kate's antibrid weave

A commenter on my video about the crosser archer weave reminded me of a move Kate had demoed last year at Kinetic and in one of Noel's videos. I dug it back up to see what it had in common with the move I'd just played with. The answer: very little, but it was still a hell of a fun challenge :)

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Drex's Tech Poi Blog #245: Fractional hybrids

A couple years ago when I was traveling through Africa, my host wrote a computer program for me that worked both as a poi simulator as well as a mathematical tool for measuring the distance a poi head travels in each hypo and epitrochoid pattern I could dream up at the time. After comparing a lot of the numbers the program created, it turns out there are some really fascinating harmonic relationships that emerge when you combine moves that normally wouldn't go together as a result of a lack of alignment with either the poi heads or hands.

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Drex's Tech Poi Blog #234: Third-order antibrids (antispin/antispin)

This is something I saw Alien Jon demo when I was home in Colorado for the holidays--it combines third order motions (fractal flowers) with traditional flowers to create antibrids that move through space. Damien would call these antispin/antispin movements and I believe Mel, Poiboi, and a few others have demonstrated similar moves.

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Drex's Tech Poi Blog #207: CAP to static vs extension transitions

In a follow-up to a video I posted a couple weeks back of playing with triquetra vs pendulum in same time opposites, I realized the transition there that let me hit static vs extension and kind of "unfold" my crossed arms also existed with CAPs if the poi are spinning same time same direction. Here is the transition used both to get from a top-side CAP to bottom and vice-versa.

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