Drex's Tech Poi Blog #208: Inside the Atom

A couple weeks ago, I posted a video of Arashi teaching a class at Firedrums and in it, I was struck by the fact that his "crane" atom had a strong resemblance to together-L in Maiki Nope's breakdown of atomic planes for clubs and poi. If this similarity bears out, it would mean in essence that there are 3 different atomics that can be spun from a variety of angles, depending on the perspective of the viewer. Atomic spinners: how does this gel with the world you play in?

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Arashi's Firedrums Class

A few weeks ago, Arashi asked me to post this video I'd taken of the first seven minutes of his class at Firedrums. My camera was running out of battery at the time, so regrettably I didn't get much more, but you all might appreciate some Arashi tech straight from the horse's mouth :)

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Arashi spins at Hookahdome Sunday night Burning Man 2011

Arashi spins at Hookahdome Sunday night Burning Man 2011

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Arashi spins fire at Vulcantown -- Burning Man 2010

During a spin jam at Vulcantown on Friday night at Burning Man 2010, Arashi brought out his poi for a rare fire set. Enjoy!

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Arashi the spider spins fire at Burning Man 2009

An impromptu fire jam at Hookah Dome a few hours after the temple burn brought out some of the best and the brightest on the playa. Here is Arashi, dancing with Bliss and exploring some ellipsoids, linear patterns, and other funky patterns solo.

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Polyhedron Flowers

A combination of stuff inspired this--first, in pursuit of a unit sphere, I've failed miserably to find a construct that would fit the requirements of it, but many of the experiments I've worked through in the process have proven interesting in their own right. One such example is the 3D pyramid pattern from my last video post, which I suppose is technically a triangular tetrahedron. Taking Cyrille's law that all poi polygons should be symmetrical with two poi, I've been working out ways of using plane-bending and stalls to achieve this end. Here are a couple results:

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