archer weave

Drex's Tech Poi Blog #341: Horizontal archer's weave

A nifty trick I picked up from a Coloradoan spinner as I hung out in LA after IgNight--basically taking the archer weave we all know and love and putting it into a horizontal context. As I've been playing around so much with atomics these past few months, I decided to see if I could make this arrangement work as an atomic weave and was delighted to see it was indeed possible. Try doing the full body tracer from shoulder to shoulder!


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Basic Poi Dancing Tutorial: The Archer Weave

The archer weave is a fun embellishment for the three-beat weave that leads directly into body tracing and a number of other fun techniques. When I first tried to learn it, I was baffled at how it could work. Here is an easy way to break it down so that you can see what makes this move tick.

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Drex's Tech Poi Blog #244: crosser archer weave

Starting with a crosser that unwraps and rewraps via antispin and extension, this trick involves essentially freezing one of the hands on the non-native shoulder to force the other hand to do all the work. In keeping the timing and direction consistent, the result is a body tracer that actually cycles through different positions of an archer weave.

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