atomic weave

Basic Poi Dancing Tutorial: Atomic Weave

Atomic weaves have a very intimidating name, but there are ways to perform them that won't break your brain. Here is one such weave that feels midway between a split-time thread the needle and a buzzsaw weave.

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Drex's Tech Poi Blog #350: 3 and 4 beat Superman weaves

Last weekend at Wildfire I taught at 3-poi class that essentially turned into a skill share and one of the cooler things I saw during said skill share was Noel showing us how to do a 3-beat weave with a superman. It's not hard to get there and it sets up both the possibility of doing the weave as an atomic as well as a 4-beat variant. I don't know if a 5-beat is possible, but it would sure be a challenge!

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Drex's Tech Poi Blog #341: Horizontal archer's weave

A nifty trick I picked up from a Coloradoan spinner as I hung out in LA after IgNight--basically taking the archer weave we all know and love and putting it into a horizontal context. As I've been playing around so much with atomics these past few months, I decided to see if I could make this arrangement work as an atomic weave and was delighted to see it was indeed possible. Try doing the full body tracer from shoulder to shoulder!


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Drex's Tech Poi Blog #339: Atomic point iso combo

Another great bit of tech from Mireneye! I love the weird possibilities this kid finds--here we take a standard atomic weave and find that there's a moment in it where we can treat it like a point iso vs extension hybrid. The great thing about it is that it works on either side, so it's a great transition between 2D and 3D moves.

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Video Tech Blog #57: diagonal atomic weave, Charlie's 9-square transitions

A couple updates from moves of the past week: a quarter-time float out of the now-familiar stall-switch pattern and learning how to plane-shift in same direction. This leads to an atomic weave performed in diagonal planes, which I demo a variant of the Notcoleman3 in here. Finally, a couple thoughts on "hard" versus "soft" transitions based upon charlicopter's 9-square poi theory videos. There is definitely some potential here and I like the idea of moving between grids as well as adding pendulums into the mix.

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Video Tech Blog #6: Atomic fountain, trifoil flowers

A couple variations on trifoil flower hybrids--turning with them and a same direction version Lucas showed me this weekend. Also using the atomic weave as a fountain to draw a square in wall plane.

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Video Tech Blog #5: Atomic weaves, pendulums, flowers

Reverse atomic weave variation on the notcoleman3 and turning with it, a funky new pendulum idea, and turning with butterfly flowers. Simple yet pretty.

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Video Tech Blog #4: Hybrid/Antibrids, atomic weaves

Based upon feedback last week, includes a clarification of what constitutes a hybrid vs. an antibrid, triangle antispin flower antibrid and cateye/isolation antibrid, an atomic weave, and a cool little triangle antispin flower pattern Sean Stogner and I worked out over the weekend.

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