Following Your Bliss (Isn't Enough)

Last week I got myself in a bit of hot water by reposting an article to Facebook wall that I really liked. The title of it was “Whatever you do, don’t quit your job to pursue your passion” and the thesis of the article was a deep skepticism of this narrative we have in our culture that everybody ought to be pursuing their passion for full-time work.

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Bliss and Jonny staves Friday Firedrums 2011

The first minute of this was epic--this latter part is pretty good too, though :) Bliss and Jonny mix up some sweet staff manipulations with some yoga poses and a small dose of what looks like capoeira to me.

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Jordan, Bliss, and Prisna spin fire at Burning Man 2009

An impromptu fire jam at Hookah Dome a few hours after the temple burn brought out some of the best and the brightest on the playa. Here are Jordan from the Vulcan Crew, Bliss, and Prisna spinning some fire right before I left the jam. It does get a bit blurry near the end, I'm afraid. Enjoy!

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Bliss, Brandon Caldwell, and others spin double staves Sunday night at Spring Wildfire '09

Bliss, Brandon (NC), Julia and Kathryn from Barefoot Monkeys, Ricky from A Different Spin, and a bunch of other folks I don't know spin doubles together on the last night of Wildfire. Regrettably, the camera went unrecoverably blurry toward the end, but there's a lot of cool stuff before it gets there.

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