Basic Poi Dancing Tutorial: Atomic Weave

Atomic weaves have a very intimidating name, but there are ways to perform them that won't break your brain. Here is one such weave that feels midway between a split-time thread the needle and a buzzsaw weave.

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Basic Poi Dancing Tutorial: Buzzsaw Fountains

Buzzsaw fountains were one of my favorite challenges in my first year of spinning poi and it wasn't until much later that I realized they were creating some of the basic skills necessary to get into inversions and barrel rolls later. Here is how you can practice this type of movement and get set up inside moves.


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Drex's Tech Poi Blog #295: Quarks in weaves

Following up on some of the threads from #293, here's a few weave-based moves switched into an atomic context with vertical vs horizontal planes. Funny thing: the inversion in atomics utilizes a tangle arrangement whereas these weaves utilize an atom arrangement--in other words, they possess opposite polarities, to borrow a term from Tracy Wilhelm.

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Drex's Tech Poi Blog #262: Diagonal buzzsaw weave

Taking elements of a plane-bending move frequently performed by Arashi and Alien Jon, I noticed that this diagonal-planed move had some elements of a weave to it and thought to take this type of movement into a more buzzsaw or notcoleman weave place. Essentially this involves taking the vertical part of the movement and switching it from being on the native side to the non-native side.

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Basic Poi Dancing Tutorial: Flowers part 3

This week we're tackling the Mt. Everest of inspin flowers: split time same direction. We'll use a similar approach to building this flower that we have in the other videos, but split-time variants require a bit more kinesthetic difficulty than any of the same time variations, so the road there is likely to be a little bit longer and take a bit more work. Next week: split-time opposites!

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Basic Poi Dancing Tutorial: Flowers part 2

Last week we covered how to train your muscle memory for proper petal placement in 4-petal inspin flowers. This week we're covering how to then perform 4-petal inspin flowers with both hands in same time same direction and same time opposites. The procedure here is very similar to the one we used last week, but we will have to resort to a couple tricks to achieve proper poi and hand placement.

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Video Tech Blog #82: plane-bending with buzzsaw flowers

A couple months ago I posted a video using plane-bends to switch between inspin and antispin flowers. G saw the vid and suggested I try the same technique in split-time same direction, so here it is! My right side isn't as clean as my left side, but I still think it's a cool effect. Enjoy!

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Video Tech Blog #20: More isos and buzzsaw flowers

I've come down with Bronchitis this week, so I've been unable to practice much...what I have been able to practice has primarily been expanding my isolation drills to be able to move around in every position I can think of wanting to do an isolation from. Aside from that I've been working on doing split-time butterfly flowers in inverted planes and discovered that a great side effect of practicing them is that my antispin buzzsaw flowers on my non-dominant side are finally starting to shape-up.

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Video Tech Blog #16: Polishing cateye, buzzsaw flower

Nothing new this week, just polishing tricks I've shown in previous video blogs. I'm trying harder to get the nice circular pattern with the hand in the horizontal cateye and working on being able to do it both directions. Plus I've put a lot of practice into the unit circle grid--it's flowing better but still needs work. Finally, my buzzsaw fountains are getting cleaner and I'm getting better at switching between standard, antispin, and split-time butterfly variants. Happy holidays, all!

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Video Tech Blog #13: more 1.5 theory, buzzsaw flowers

I think I was mistaken on my categorization of the 1.5 pattern from last week--nonetheless here are some interesting patterns that came from it. Plus: more buzzsaw flower patterns--this time with hands going split-time opposites, more hybrid practice, and patterns with both hands doing trifoil flowers.

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