Tutorial: Double Staff 8-Step CAP Recipe

I know it’s been a while since I’ve done a double staff video, but recently I had a Skype lesson with a double staff spinner who wanted to know all about 8-step CAPs and I realized that it’d make a great topic for a video! Specifically, we covered how you can create a variety of different 8-step CAPs with a very simple recipe.

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Drex's Tech Poi Blog #357: Ronan's multistep CAPs

At Tahoe, Ronan taught a class on 8-step CAPs that I was kind of in and out of due to some other commitments at the festival, but this was one of the moves I got out of it. I don't know if it qualifies as a dictionary-definition 8-step CAP given that only one hand in the pattern is actually performing a CAP at all, so I'm just going to label it a multistep CAP and call it a day. I found a way to do a similar pattern in diamond mode, so that's included here as well.


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Poi Dancing: Spinning on MLK Day 2013

The tradition continues! Got outside to get some flow on and try out some new ideas on MLK Day in Dupont Circle here in DC.

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Drex's Tech Poi Blog #189: Toroid flower inventory and theory

Watch out--this one's long! Over the weekend I experienced a few epiphanies about toroid flowers and it seemed like a good opportunity to do a video that would pull together all the different toroids I'd worked on in the past year and throw a little bit of theory out there to unite them all together into a more cohesive whole. The basis of it is thinking about toroid shapes as products of tracing the path an observer makes through space as they walk around a sphere that is moving around another object, like a planet or moon.

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Video Tech Blog #64: hoop tech, hybrid plane shifts

 First up, the first hoop trick to make it into my tech blog! My friend Katie/Surprise showed my a funky isolation trick that I dug that seemed to have this odd stopping point. Remembering some bits learned from a recent Hoop Path workshop, I realized a body can keep the hoop constantly in motion by jumping one's grip. The demo here is terrible--it's with my old hoop, which weighs a ton. Nonetheless, I swear this one is doable (incidentally, if any hoopers out there know what it's called, please drop a line in my comment box).

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Video Tech Blog #63: pendulum/CAP Yuta stalls, soft vs hard transitions

poiboi07 posted another sweet tech blog and I'm cribbing the first trick shamelessly from him. It's a pendulum vs. CAP hybrid that one then uses to perform a Yuta-style horizontal stall around either in a complete circle or 180 degrees. I'm finding it's a fun way to do an almost weave style turn back and forth and have added a vertical stall shift to the mix, making it an easy move to switch around in all three planes.

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Drex spins fire poi on Thanksgiving 2009

Lots of requests lately for a fire vid, so here's one of me performing at an informal spin jam on Thanksgiving night. Note when I whiff a BTB 5-beat waistwrap and My ubersloppy diagonal plane attempts ;)

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Video Tech Blog #60: Alien Jon's crosser flower, pendulum assembly patterns

This past week, Alien Jon posted a tech blog featuring a funky approach to creating compound circles that bears some similarities to Nick Woolsey's concept of no-beat windmills and how they relate to poi. As I've been playing with it, I've found it's also a funky way to create polyrhythm hybrids.

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Video Tech Blog #57: diagonal atomic weave, Charlie's 9-square transitions

A couple updates from moves of the past week: a quarter-time float out of the now-familiar stall-switch pattern and learning how to plane-shift in same direction. This leads to an atomic weave performed in diagonal planes, which I demo a variant of the Notcoleman3 in here. Finally, a couple thoughts on "hard" versus "soft" transitions based upon charlicopter's 9-square poi theory videos. There is definitely some potential here and I like the idea of moving between grids as well as adding pendulums into the mix.

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Video Tech Blog #55: Composites, hybrid theory update

First up, I have a new website that is now hosting all my videos and minutia: please visit me on the web at

Next, a quick update to last week's musings on hybrid theory. A possible hole and a fix to it...beyond that, a reply from Alien Jon got my creative juices flowing and here are five results of thinking of CAPs as segments of motion and hybrids as opposing versions of the same types of motion. These are awkward but I can see a lot of possibilities as to where thinking of motion this way could lead.

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