Christmas Poi Fun

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Holiday Shopping for a Good Cause

Last week I got tagged in what turned out to be an incredibly badass and informative post by Cory Oliver from Florida. He’d discovered that Amazon has added a feature wherein they will donate .5% of your purchase to the charity of your choice. Currently all the charities they have listed to donate to are those that appear on Guidestar, so regrettably some of my favorites are not there.

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Exploring Spaces -- 2011 Christmas Tech Poi Vid

My entry for the yearly Christmas tech vid challenge!

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2010 Christmas Poi video

The tradition lives on! Here's my entry for Noel's Christmas poi video thread on the Facebook Tech Poi Group. This is my first time using iMovie '11 for video editing and I have to say I much prefer the old version :-P Oh, well...merry christmas, everyone!

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Christmas vid - 2009

Here's my entry for MCP's Christmas video thread on Home of Poi. DC got dumped with almost two feet of snow and it provided an excellent opportunity to get a unique view of the monuments on the national mall. It was, however, hella cold that night, so regrettably my spinning was neither as clean nor as fast as I would have liked.

Happy holidays, folks :)

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