cross points

Drex's Tech Poi Blog #315: Folding cross-points

The culmination of a lot of work on aiming cross points (sorry about the audio!). Basically, you can think of a cross point for any given manifold move as being something like a hinge that you can move this way and that. One of the side-effects of this is that you can create weave-like movements that feature odd plane bends but overall behave the same way as the original move you're working from. Here are a couple examples of some moves derived from the good ol' 3-beat weave.

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Drex's Tech Poi Blog #291: Inversions and crosspoints

After learning how to do inversions in Tog-Opposites, I noticed something peculiar about the arrangement of the cross points in all the opposite direction inversions I'd played with--they always appeared to be pointing away from each other while the inversions I'd worked with in split-time same direction tended always to have the crosspoint in the same direction. Question is: is it diagnostic of how inversions work or a cool byproduct of them?

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