Profiles in Poi: Teddy Petrosky

Profiles in poi covers one of my dearest friends in the spinning world--Teddy Petrosky (Elemensce). Here, Teddy tells the story of how he first saw poi as a shy kid 9 years ago and how it won out over his other hobbies to become his passion in life.


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Charlie, Drex, Ted (Elemensce), and Erik (E6) composite/tunneling at Fall Wildfire 2010

Charlie, Ted, Erik, and I took to the practice field Saturday night to break out a few 4 person patterns. It was a bear and a half to get them synchronized, but when we got them they looked positively amazing.

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Ted and Charlie composite/tunneling Fall Wildfire 2010

Ted and Charlie play off some awesome tunneling/composite moves at Fall Wildfire 2010.

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Ted (Elemensce) spins contact buugeng

One of those utter WTF moments when someone shows you something that blows your mind. Ted figured out a bunch of contact moves for buugeng. I can't wait to see him string a bunch of these together.

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Ted Petrosky (Elemensce) spins fire at Fall Wildfire 2010

This is Ted spinning on Saturday night out in the practice field at Fall Wildfire. Some great flow and great tech--I really loved watching him spin this weekend.

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