Profiles in Flow: Rachael Lust

Rachael is one of my favorite hoopers out there! I'm constantly amazed not just with the creativity and dedication with which she approaches her craft, but also how deftly she balances her roles as a flow celebrity and mother.

I got a chance to sit down with Rachael last week and talk to her about her career and how she's managed to do the impossible. Check it out to get her tips on how to go viral, put together workshop tours, and manage your social media presence!

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Tips on Starting an Etsy Shop with Olive Pizzo of Harmonic Threads

Starting up a new feature through my YouTube and now a new Soundcloud account: Profiles in Flow. Every month, I'm going to interview a Flow Arts entrepreneur about how they got started, the challenges they've faced, and their tips for creating successful businesses.

This first episode features Olive Marie from Harmonic Threads. In this hour-long interview we talk about how Harmonic Threads got its start, how its grown, the stresses of entrepreneurship, and her tips for people starting out. If you've ever wanted to start an Etsy business, this is great advice to help you! 

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