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Notes from my class on transitions

If you came to my class on hard, soft, and mixed transitions at Fall Wildfire, I promised I'd put a digital copy of the handout on my website and I'm a man of my word. Here is both the outline in math and in practice of what constitutes these transitions as well as the "cheat sheet" that maps out the transitions between common hand path sizes and their accompanying shapes.

Class outline
Cheat sheet

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Drex Fall Wildfire 2010 Performance Class

With only a few days to work on it, I pulled this performance together for Wildfire's Performance Class on Sunday night. There were a couple rough spots, but ultimately I think it was a decent routine for the prep time I had.

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Charlie, Drex, Ted (Elemensce), and Erik (E6) composite/tunneling at Fall Wildfire 2010

Charlie, Ted, Erik, and I took to the practice field Saturday night to break out a few 4 person patterns. It was a bear and a half to get them synchronized, but when we got them they looked positively amazing.

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Ted and Charlie composite/tunneling Fall Wildfire 2010

Ted and Charlie play off some awesome tunneling/composite moves at Fall Wildfire 2010.

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Ted (Elemensce) spins contact buugeng

One of those utter WTF moments when someone shows you something that blows your mind. Ted figured out a bunch of contact moves for buugeng. I can't wait to see him string a bunch of these together.

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Charlie spins fire at Fall Wildfire 2010

This is Charlie busting it out on Saturday night at Fall Wildfire. There's totally some tech here I barely understand (despite his best efforts to teach me ;). Overall a really kickass exploration of poi.

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Ted Petrosky (Elemensce) spins fire at Fall Wildfire 2010

This is Ted spinning on Saturday night out in the practice field at Fall Wildfire. Some great flow and great tech--I really loved watching him spin this weekend.

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