What are the best LED poi handles? (2017 buyers guide)

In the past few years, LED handles have grown as a market for prop makers driven by demand from poi spinners learning gunslingers as well as juggling. Today, I’m going to test four different options for LED handles to see how they stack up and which ones are the best fit for you.

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The Five Mitzvahs

So the wonderful folks at Flowtoys have asked me for my flow story, and like most things I do what I'm going to give them is going to be a little unconventional. It's not necessarily my flow story, but the story of five people who whether they realize it or not are directly responsible for the artist that I am today. We'll call this a thank you to all of them for actions big and small to push my journey forward :)


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"California" July Flow Practice

It's been a while since I posted a flow practice! This time last year I was getting ready to move to Los Angeles. I was excited to start over and discover a new life. It didn't work out, unfortunately. I'm happy to be back in DC, but once in a while I think about what might have been.

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Drex's Tech Poi Blog #302: Pod poi from Flowtoys

Back in September, the folks at Flowtoys gave me a set of the beta version of their new pod poi to try out and evaluate. I've been playing with them ever since and am holding off on a full review till I get the latest version of the hardware and software, but wanted to share my first impressions as well as an interview I had with Sean from Flowtoys back in September.

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Drex's Tech Poi Blog #204: The new flowcord and handles!

w00t for the new flowcord! Some of you guys may have noticed that about three months ago I switched up the leashes on my contact poi from the colecord I'd been using for more than a year. The reason was I dropped by the Flowspace in Berkeley, California after Burning Man and Sean and I spent an afternoon figuring out how to make this awesome new type of cord they had work with my contact poi. I'm pleased to announce those experiments were successful and now you can buy kits to create these leashes and handles straight from Flowtoys themselves! 

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Sean from Flowtoys spins doubles Sunday night at Burning Man 2009

An impromptu fire jam at Hookah Dome a few hours after the temple burn brought out some of the best and the brightest on the playa. Here is Sean from Flowtoys spinning his double staves, doing some really cool 3D patterns I've never seen before. Enjoy!

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