G spins fire at Sangha DC Decom

G stopped by DC for a few days last week and was kind enough to spin some fire for the local burner community at a decom hosted by local party promoters 88. Here is his second burn of the night.

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G spins Friday night Burning Man 2011

G spins Friday night Burning Man 2011.

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G spins fire at Burning Man 2010

After the temple burn at Burning Man 2010, a couple impromptu spin jams broke out. Here is G spinning near a beautiful sculpture just north of the temple.

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Pineapple Pete and G: the Reloaded sessions

Things have been busy down under! If you're not familiar with Aussie poi auteur Pineapple Pete, you should give a look to this fascinating video from a couple years ago showing off some of his experiments at the "Church of Poi".

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Plane bending: the future is here!

G is the best poi spinner you've never heard of. I'd never heard of him before heading to Firedrums back in April and seriously I was blown away by him. While most of us have dabbled in plane-bending at one point or another (beginners plane-bend unintentionally all the time), few have taken it to the jaw-dropping extremes G has. Essentially, every stall is a zero point that can be used to transition to a different plane. All of the bizarre plane-bending combos I've been working on in the past few months have been inspired by his work.
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