Drex's Tech Poi Blog #302: Pod poi from Flowtoys

Back in September, the folks at Flowtoys gave me a set of the beta version of their new pod poi to try out and evaluate. I've been playing with them ever since and am holding off on a full review till I get the latest version of the hardware and software, but wanted to share my first impressions as well as an interview I had with Sean from Flowtoys back in September.

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MLK Day 2012

Posting a week late, I know...but trust me it was recorded on MLK Day. About ten minutes after I'd gotten off a bus coming home from New York, in fact. The tradition lives on if slightly delayed ;)

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Drex's Tech Poi Blog #204: The new flowcord and handles!

w00t for the new flowcord! Some of you guys may have noticed that about three months ago I switched up the leashes on my contact poi from the colecord I'd been using for more than a year. The reason was I dropped by the Flowspace in Berkeley, California after Burning Man and Sean and I spent an afternoon figuring out how to make this awesome new type of cord they had work with my contact poi. I'm pleased to announce those experiments were successful and now you can buy kits to create these leashes and handles straight from Flowtoys themselves! 

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Spinning poi: 3 years video

I thought I would mark the occasion of having been spinning poi for 3 years with some fire, glow, and a flow practice I did on the beach in St. Thomas. :)

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