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Drex's Planar Graph Conjecture for Poi

Ever heard of a mathematician by name of Leonhard Euler? I recently did a video on his Seven Bridges of Köenigsburg solution and its applications to how we create poi paths...well, I've found another use for Euler's work, most notably his Polyhedron Formula. The Cliff's Notes are that Euler noticed upon studying the Platonic Solids that if you counted the number of vertices each of these polyhedra had, subtracted the total number of edges between vertices, and added back the total number of polygonal faces and the number is invariably 2. You can see an outline of the concept below:

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Drex's Tech Poi Blog #308: Graph Theory and Poi Paths

Graph theory is surprisingly integral to a lot of patterns that we play with--essentially any time you're dealing with a number of points you're trying to hit in a given sequence and repeat them, you're using graph theory to solve the problem. Here's a little bit of history as to how graph theory came to be and some helpful hints that may help you solve those pesky poi patterns. :)

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