The Five Mitzvahs

So the wonderful folks at Flowtoys have asked me for my flow story, and like most things I do what I'm going to give them is going to be a little unconventional. It's not necessarily my flow story, but the story of five people who whether they realize it or not are directly responsible for the artist that I am today. We'll call this a thank you to all of them for actions big and small to push my journey forward :)


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"I can't do that."

This is one of those phrases that generates within me very conflicting emotions when I hear it...on my less proud days, it makes me annoyed. It’s a wall they’ve imposed between themselves and whatever they’re seeing and there’s a part of me that grits my teeth and wants to tell them, “well...sure you can’t, as long as that’s your attitude.” Which is a pat response to an even more pat statement and seldom very constructive.

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My poi are not a tool

My poi are not a tool. They are not a prop. They are not an artificial entity upon which I imbue meaning and metaphor. My poi are not another person or a cell phone. My poi are not a belt or a cup of coffee. My poi are an extension of me. My poi are a part of me. They are a living, breathing extension of my hopes, dreams, and ambitions. They feel my sadness and joy, my aches and pains. They are as much a part of me as my hands, fingers, and eyes. They are an extension of my expression. They emote with my pursed lips. They leap for joy with my springy legs. My poi are not an other thing.

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Profiles in Poi: Keith Marshall

Back in the Spring, I had a chance to sit down and talk with Keith Marshall about how he came to be a poi spinner, who his biggest influences were, where he comes up with his ideas from, and what advice he had for up and coming spinners.


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Full Keith Marshall Interview

From my recent video profile of Keith Marshall--here is the complete audio of the interview with no editing aside from some background noise reduction. Includes more information on the Edinburgh spinning scene when Keith first started up.

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Awesome Poi Compilation Video

The Playpoi website tipped me off on this--a ten minute compilation of some of the greatest and most influential performers and videos in the history of our art. Give it a look-see for a smattering of the best our art has to offer :)

(for added fun, click on the Closed Caption link in the bottom bar to get the name of each video and the artist in it as it pops up)

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