The Introverted Performer

Everybody knows a performer when they see one: performers are loud and outgoing, friendly and confident. They reach right out to you and draw you into their world, promising a good time with someone who makes you feel totally at ease. I’ve never done a poll, but I’d suspect that the ideal performer to most of us is somebody that fits the rough definition Carl Jung laid out in the 1920s of an extrovert: a person who is sociable, takes charge, is outgoing, and is at their best in a crowd of people.

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Drex's Tech Poi Blog #276: quarter-time toroid chase

This was a cool move I picked up from Rei Reynosa at Spark Fire and Flow Festival last weekend. It very elegantly combines elements of three important facets of tech poi: quarter-time moves, toroids, and inversion/introversions. Here is the original move, plus a variant that includes a body tracer.

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Drex's Tech Poi Blog #273.5 inversions as crosspoints detail

Several weeks ago I uploaded a tech blog based upon a conversation Alien Jon and I had at Spin Summit wherein he outlined the idea that one could think of inversions and introversions as creating different cross-point locations around the hands. I did a video outlining this idea, but the feedback I got was that I was too far away from the camera to make the concept clear. Here are all the different cross-points revisited and demonstrated in two angles with slow-mo.

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Drex's Tech Poi Blog #264: inversions, introversions, and cross points

Sorry about the crap audio--my mic decided to go on the fritz today, I'm afraid :-P Here's a couple interesting ideas that came out of a brain decompression with Alien Jon at Spin Summit this past week in Colorado. I've been trying to sort out the difference between inversions, introversions, and their various brethren, but Jon suggested I instead focus on the cross points generated by different combinations of moving the poi between the arms. It resulted in some pretty nifty shapes, so give this one a whirl.

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Drex's Tech Poi Blog #263: Inverting the introversion (for realsies!)

Yeah, so I totally missed a step with last week's video on inverting the introversion. There's a bit that feels quite a bit like a barrel roll that comes after performing the introverted weave that adds a whole other layer of complexity to the movement. Here is the full move demoed. Good luck to those of you who opt to take this one on--it's a bear :-P

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Drex's Tech Poi Blog #261 inverting an introversion

At the close of Spring Wildfire, Christian and Baz cooked up this little gem that utilizes some in between spaces. What's curious about it to me is the way it takes atomics and allows you to flatten them into two very different timing and direction combinations depending upon what angle you approach them from.

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Video Tech Blog #180: Intro to inversions and introversions part 2

Part 2 in my series on beginner level inversion and introversion play. Last video we practiced individual elements of these moves and here we combine them together--first by taking any 2 together, then all 3, then a funky fountain variant that utilizes the type that seems like an airwrap or hyperloop. There's plenty more fun down this well, so be sure to check out some of Alien Jon, Ky Lee, Christian, and Baz's videos for more inverted goodness.

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Video Tech Blog #179: Intro to inversions and introversions

I've finally taken the plunge and have begun to attack one of those techniques in the poi world that I've spent the past four years avoiding like the plague: inversions and introversions. I don't fully understand the difference just yet, but having seen some really innovative work come out of this technique in the past few years from Insignia, Charlie, Alien Jon, and Ky I decided it was time to learn :) Here are some very basic elements of these movements to begin drilling that will add up to some more complex patterns in my next video.

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