Basic Poi Dancing Tutorial: Behind the Back part 3

In the final installment of this behind the back series, we'll tackle the meltdown! Meltdowns are a move in which one rapidly wraps the poi around their back, unwraps them, and then rewraps them going the other direction to create a rapid and exciting move. Here's how to build them up piece by piece.

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Video Tech Blog #122: Cool 1.5 based tunneling pattern

Just a funky pattern I played around with Sunday with Erik that it turns out yields some cool looking tunneling/composites. I took some video of the two of us doing the pattern together that I'll hopefully get posted in the next week. This is just a step-by-step of how the move is done.

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Video Tech Blog #68: Opposites meltdowns, elliptical to C-CAP transitions

First up, I'm revisiting a trick I posted several weeks ago: PoiRsquared's request to see an opposites crosser to polyrhythm hybrid transition. I hadn't realized the crosser he was describing was actually what I would consider to be a meltdown and had to shelve the move till I learned how to do an opposites meltdown. Well, I've got it now! Included is a step-by-step breakdown of how I got to it and finally, a demo of the transition PoiRsquared originally requested.

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Video Tech Blog #67: Meltdown fountains, isolated weave, plane-bent weave

After demoing the around the head meltdown last week, I got a comment from one person asking about performing the meltdown as a fountain. While I think that conceptually the two are different enough that a straight-up combination of these moves is not possible, there is a way to perform a similar maneuver by using Alien Jon's concept of body zones. Demoed here are a couple ways to play with this concept. Next up, I'm getting to be relatively happy with my transitions from isolation to lockout, so I'm starting to work through an isolated weave.

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Video Tech Blog #66: isolations and iso throws, BTH CAP hybrids

 I'm back to drilling isolations in hopes of getting down the elusive isolated weave, but shooting for lower hanging fruit in the form of the iso to lockout combination guys like Nevisoul and Ronan have made famous. I'm specifically working on getting the isolated bit in the middle locked into the iso position like they have to make it really pop.

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Video Tech Blog #3: Hybrids and meltdowns

Some embarrassingly sloppy hybrids that involve isolations, extensions, and cateyes, as well as a couple more variations on meltdowns and crossers.

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Video Tech Blog #2: More 1.5s, meltdowns

More 1.5 and pendulum variations, including behind-the-head, a meltdown variant, turning with 1.5 opposites and same direction, and an interesting take on meltdowns. Sorry about the crappy audio--my normal camera wasn't working.

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