Basic Poi Dancing Tutorial: Meltdowns

Meltdowns are a great combination of behind the back (BTB) technique and reel turns that look cool as hell. Here's how you can build up to them piece by piece.


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Video Tech Blog #46: Old-school tech and quarter-beat stalls

Starting off with a couple tricks I'd consider to be a little bit older school style tech than I usually work with--the first is inspired by rope dart tricks that shoot the head off in the opposite direction it's been wrapped in. Next is a trick that uses releases to transition from meltdown to behind-the-back waistwraps and back. This is sketchy! Next, in order to get down the spherical CAPs I've been working on the past few weeks, I've been doing drills to get my hands used to doing quarter-beat stalls in same-time opposites.

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Video Tech Blog #10: Freespinning on the national mall

Last week I got a request from a guy who wanted to see me doing some actual spinning rather than just playing with concepts. Today was a bright and sunny day on the national mall, so I figured why not. Not a whole lot of really technical stuff here, but I had fun making it. Be back next week with more theory ;)

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