"Icarus" Poi Performance at Flow Show NYC

The last performance I gave of "Icarus", the piece I created for the New York Flow Show. Icarus was the son of Daedalus, a skilled Minoan craftsman who created the Labyrinth. Both were imprisoned in the complex till Daedalus built wings out of wood, wax, and feathers for them to fly out and escape. During the attempt, Icarus was so consumed with the elation of flight that he flew higher and higher till the heat from the sun melted his wings and he plunged back down to his death.

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DrexFactor returns to NYC!

I'll be returning to New York this weekend and will be teaching a new workshop entitled "Exploring Tech Part II" while I'm in town.

This class will be on additional 3D concepts such as plane bending, advanced weaves, and a little bit of toroid flowers. Basically, all the 3D stuff we didn't get to the last time I was in town ;)

Details for the event are below--I hope to see some new and familiar faces this weekend!

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