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Stray Italian Greyhound - Partner Poi/Dance Fusion

Super proud to finally be sharing this! I worked with Morgan Howe for several months putting this piece together for Manipulation and Flow Show SF. It features some of our favorite Partner Poi techniques fused with ballet and even a couple lifts!

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The Partner Poi Companion

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Basic Poi Dancing Tutorial: Partner Poi Weave

The partner poi weave is not only easy to learn, you can teach it to a complete poi neophyte in under 10 minutes! Here's a little bit of guerilla street theatre: I found Jerod here in Lafayette Park and used him as a guinea pig to both teach the partner weave as well as demonstrate how easy it is to pick up and learn. Thanks so much to Jerod for being a good sport! :D

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Loooop partner poi Friday Firedrums 2011

The three kids from Loooop perform a partner poi routine Friday night at Wildfire 2011. This is one of the most amazing things I've ever seen performed on fire. BTW, I chatted with Tina and Hanna and they are indeed twins ;)

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Drex, Dave Statik, and Ky tunneling FLAME Festival 4-10-11

On the last night of FLAME Festival, Dave Statik, Ky the organizer, and myself got together for this fun tunneling session. I love both Ky's and Statik's styles and wish to hell I'd gotten one of either of their solo spins.

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Alien Jon and Major Thom: three poi passing

I've got to confess that as much as partner poi has blown up over the course of the past year, I've yet to really see much of the appeal of it. Like degrees of twist, there comes to be a point where the more intricate the movements involved in it, the less graceful and more unnatural it comes off (and therefore, to my mind, the less entertaining to an uninitiated audience).

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