Video Tech Blog #33: Halving the triquetra/pendulum hybrid, flower/stall combos, worm flowers

Lots more stuff this week. I've got working transitions from the triquetra vs pendulum hybrid into CAPs from all four corners, though all are still ugly. When integrated into flow, however, I'm looking forward to seeing what this move can do.

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Video Tech Blog #32: pendulum/triquetra hybrid variants, the "Baz", CAP/pendulum hybrid

Lots of stuff from Firedrums last week--first off a few variants on the pendulum-triquetra hybrid that I've played with before, including switching up the timing of the hands to split-time opposites. Based upon a linear extension approach to this hybrid, an interesting pattern Baz came up with the last night at FD that combines the pattern with CAPs and a very sloppy rendition of a variant on this idea that I think may lead to reworking all the triquetra-halving patterns I've played with so far.

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Video Tech Blog #31: Pinwheel, isolated fountain, plane-bending star of David, Walrus Eye, CAPs

Definitely a smorgasboard of tricks this week. The first is a repeating triangle pattern done that is repeated at 90 degree angles to reveal what looks to me like a pinwheel, though the trick takes so long to render the idea may be irrelevant for performance. I tried it this past weekend and got a good response, though. I don't know what to call the next trick--I think it ultimately breaks down to halving the triquetra in split-time horizontally. Most of us know the vertical variation, but the horizontal one requires some arm-crossing action.

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Video Tech Blog #30: Triquetra turns, crosses, and figure 8s

Lots of Triquetra action this week! First up, more extrapolations of the figure-8 concept. This time a conflation of the figures Insignia and I have been playing with to get continuous figures that repeat no line segments and still work within the diamond pattern. Next, that cool cross pattern Zan is doing at the beginning of the Arizona Transmission video is demystified (well, it was mysterious to me). Finally, a 360 triquetra--something I theorized about months ago and have just now gotten to the point that I can pull it off.

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Video Tech Blog #29: figure 8 triquetras, butterfloops, hybrid 1.5's?

Starting off with the horizontal variation on the figure 8 I did last week--which actually turns out to be the easier variant. Also, a couple stabs at combining the vertical and horizontal figures with mixed (read: little) success. Also, based upon a discussion on tribe, some attempts at 1.5 hybrids, which I'm making some progress with, but having a difficult time working out a 1:1 rhythm with pendulums and any other type of motion. Finally, learning to turn with butterfly antispin flowers in wheelplane.

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Video Tech Blog #28: more triquetra variants, miscellaneous stalls

Starting off with a challenge from Insignia and including a funky "figure 8" pattern that can be done using a triquetra template, this one is kind of a grab-bag of things you can do with linear extensions in triangular patterns. Also, in trying to do what I think may actually be an impossible horizontal stall to same direction motion, I came across a nice hybrid transition from anti-spin flowers and am working on an inverted stall pattern one of my readers suggested on a past blog. Gimme time--it'll happen!

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Video Tech Blog #27: Turning with the Triquetra, butterfly isolations

This week we have a replay of some of last week's action, being as how it was too blurry to make out, as well as working on turning with the triquetra, mercedes, antispin hybrid--whatever you want to call it. Ironically, even though I've been working on turning from forward to reverse over my right shoulder, I'm finding the turns the other direction easier. Also: I've returned to my isolation intensive exercises and am now working on opposites. My split-time is a spot cleaner than same time, but that was the case with the same-direction variants too.

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Video Tech Blog #26: the CAP cross, butterfly anti-spin flowers, and a word on hardware

I've cleaned up the top and bottom CAPs from last week such to the point they're at least recognizable as this now. The next step will be to integrate them with the CAP-float pattern Insignia and I have been playing with to be able to do both the diamond hybrid pattern and bisect it like a cross as Zan is doing in the Arizona Transmission video. I got some feedback on my butterfly antispin flowers--especially in how they've been integrating into my CAP patterns and have come to realize I'm doing the wrong kind of flower. Back to the drawing board on that one.

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Poi Tutorial: Arm warmups--same direction

Here's a slightly late follow-up on my promise for a tutorial that shows the same arm warmups I posted last week, but this time rendered in same direction. Also a practical application of thinking of these movements in terms of the junction points between forward and reverse in turns.

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Video Tech Blog #25: wallplane CAPs, cateyes, etc

Starting off with the wallplane CAPs I played with two weeks ago. Rather than bisecting the diamond with vertical floats, I'm trying instead to bisect the diamond horizontally with linear extensions. The results are messy at best, but mark my words I'll get it cleaned up. This also leads me to a pattern that resembles an arrow pointed straight down. I've got my split-time same direction cateyes looking presentable now--on to the cateye weave...someday.

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