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Poi Spinning Combo Choreography: 2017 Routine

I know from my surveys that without a doubt the content you all most like to see from me on these newsletters are my Poi Combo tutorials.

Well...I've been kind of holding onto a bit of a secret with these all year. And that secret is that every combo I've done since March was part of a full-length routine!

That's right. All the combos fit together like puzzle pieces and this morning I published a tutorial that shows you how to stitch them all together.

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Advanced Poi Choreography Combo: November 2017

I want to let you in on a little secret: tech and flow are not opposites.

Lots of people think they are because they decided to pursue one over the other, but there's no reason they can't live together in harmony.

Take my last combo for the month of November! Here you'll find rapid transitions between pattern-based tech poi tricks as well as beautiful jumps and pirouettes. It's the best of both worlds!

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Beginner Poi Dancing Combo: Choreography tutorial for November 2017

If there's one thing I wish I could do better with my flow, it's this: dancing with my poi. Learning to get all the tricks is one challenge but moving with them is entirely a different one.

This month I set down a challenge with my poi combo tutorial: it had to be more about moving your body than the poi. Not only do I think I succeeded, but I'm also happy to report that this combo requires only 3 poi moves.

That's not a typo: you only need 3 tricks to do this combo and they're all beginner level tricks.

Give this combo a try and let me know what you think of it!

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October 2017 Poi Dance Combo

Patterns are hard to remember, let alone where to transition out of them. Not to mention it's super easy to get lost as you're doing them. Have no fear, fam...I got you!

I've been doing monthly poi combo videos for most of the year but I haven't done an advanced combo since the spring. I wanted to throw a bone to those of you who've been learning the techier stuff in my 1-minute tutorials.

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August Poi Combo

So...you've got a few tricks under your belt. Inevitably the question comes up of how you put those tricks together into combos and choreography.

Fam...I got you!

Every month I post a new poi combo that uses tricks that I've covered in my 1-minute tutorial series. This month that combo is for intermediate level spinners!

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