point isolation

Drex's Tech Poi Blog #368: 3-poi CAP/Point Iso Tribrid

Chris Kelly does this really nifty 3-poi trick that I edited into the Top 10 video for this year where he does a CAP going one way and a point iso vs extension going the other way. His version has a CAP in the opposite hand, but I found I could synchronize this trick with a static spin to create some lovely tribrid lines. Demonstrated here in both opposites and same direction.

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Drex's Tech Poi Blog #339: Atomic point iso combo

Another great bit of tech from Mireneye! I love the weird possibilities this kid finds--here we take a standard atomic weave and find that there's a moment in it where we can treat it like a point iso vs extension hybrid. The great thing about it is that it works on either side, so it's a great transition between 2D and 3D moves.

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Drex's Tech Poi Blog #337: Mireneye's funky point iso hybrid

One of my favorite parts of Firedrums was catching up with one of my very favorite spinners from back when I first got into tech: Mireneye from Sweden. Randomly one day he was playing around with a particular hybrid that utilized a point isolation and I suggested he try keeping his hands together during the pattern. Magic ensued and we also worked out a poi to hand relationship hybrid of the same type.

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Drex's Tech Poi Blog #301: More point iso fun

Taking a thread from last week's video that included some fun uses of point isolations, here are a few that utilize the split-opposites timing and include either horizontal cateyes or pendulum vs CAP.

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Drex's Tech Poi Blog #278: Right angle point isolation stacking

Last light I was playing with right-angle stalls and found a nifty way to switch which was the active side of the pattern with a point isolation held at 90 degrees. As Natan pointed out after recording, this also possesses some stacking properties.

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Video Tech Blog #183: the hybrid family challenge

This is a little bit of an experiment in interactivity with this vlog. I've played a lot in recent videos with the concept of a hybrid family--a move that will interlock with other moves at a specific or multiple positions. I've take this idea to the point where I can take some of my favorite moves and at each of the 4 compass points be able to transition to a completely different type of move. In this vid I demo triquetra vs pendulum and use it to switch to a point isolation, a windmill, a horizontal stack, and a unit circle hybrid.

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Video Tech Blog #165: Odds and Ends 2

More random combos I've been playing with--lots of stuff based upon the idea of breaking out of triquetra vs pendulum into various other patterns and back, plus a couple cool horizontal stacks with body tracers based upon some things Charlie, Alien Jon, and I played with back when they were in town and some ideas Ky Lee threw into the mix last weekend. Finally, some one-handed stuff I've been dying to put in a video and couldn't think of a better way to use :)

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Video Tech Blog #125: cateye vs pendulum unit circle hybrids

Had a chat with Noel on the Facebook Tech Poi group last week about cateye vs pendulum hybrids, more specifically those involving hand orbits rather than head orbits and wanted to try and find a way to perform the former given that I could already do the latter. Here is what came out: the idea is that you're performing two unit circles side-to-side and alternating which hand is performing them as a cateye and which hand is performing them as a pendulum.

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Video Tech Blog #109: pendulum vs CAP with a point iso on top

I made a stop this past weekend at Nairobi National Park just outside the city to take in some wildlife and untouched African wilderness and it gave me the perfect opportunity to record a video! I know I've been doing a lot with pendulum vs CAP lately and I probably will keep on doing so because what I'm finding is so much fun! Here I've been working to put together a point isolation with a pendulum to create the illusion of the two poi moving together like a single line.

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Video Tech Blog #94: point isolation transitions

Another set of ideas that came out of geeking at Wildfire with Noel and Charlie: this time using point isolations matched up with pendulum stalls to create a fascinating isolation effect when switching from side to side with pendulums. We also found the same movement rendered a unit circle apart yields a funky S-curve that could be used for timing and direction changes with the pendulums. Fun! :)

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