Drex's Tech Poi Blog #286: Leo's vertical stack

At the Tahoe Flow Festival, Leo showed me this nifty vertical stack that I quickly realized could be used to stack up and down each side of the body. It requires some deft timing, but has a really unique effect.

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Drex's Tech Poi Blog #231: Triquetra vs pendulum stall hybrid family

I didn't realize until I saw Noel's video on the stall combo out of triquetra vs pendulum last week that this move was actually one of those transition spots for a hybrid family and it opened up a whole bunch of moves all at once. Here are two hybrids, a stack, an antispin flower, and Noel's cool stalling move that all overlap on that position. The more of these hybrid families get isolated, we can treat them almost like a circle of fifths to move between different hybrid groups.

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Drex's Tech Poi Blog #221: More fun with split-time same direction stacks

Shortest tech blog ever! A fun little variant on the split-time same direction stack I've played with before on this blog. Turns out it has more spaces to insert new movements than I'd really considered before and it leads to a nifty compound stack that reminds me of some stuff I've seen Charlie do.

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Drex's Tech Poi Blog #191 More hybrid family transitions

My second post-BM wrap up. Here's a couple moves I was playing with on the playa. I'm still digging on the hybrid family approach to finding transitions between moves and here are two that jumped out at me as I was playing in center camp. both are triquetra vs. pendulum combos, but one is at unit circle distance and another is with a hand-to-hand relationship. The unit circle distance one incorporates a stacking pattern from a recent tech blog--the combination of which is so delicious I haven't been able to stop playing with it since I found it.

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Video Tech Blog #177: STSD horizontal stacks and transitions

A couple weeks ago I started playing with a variant on a stacking move I've seen Mel and Poiboi play with, but changed what I perceived the timing and direction of the pattern to be. The result felt asymmetric and so after learning it on both sides, I set about figuring out how to switch between them using a wallplane flower in antispin. I then realized it fits in well with the hybrid family I demoed a couple tech blogs back and threw in a triquetra vs pendulum for good measure.

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Drex's Tech Poi Blog #166: horizontal cateye antibrid stacking

Beginning the process of downloading all the tech from the past three weeks. This is a trick that Asaf (Poiboi) came up with that we used for a lot of our tunneling both at Kinetic and at Firedrums. The idea is to take horizontal cateye vs isolation and utilize some horizontal stacking to switch to the same move on the other side of the body. The spacing works due to that quirk of antispin flowers wherein they put the poi a unit circle distance apart 1/6th of the way around the handpath.

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Horizontal stacks take off!

It started out innocently enough...Leo had been playing with ways to stall his hands and poi together at Firedrums and Mel had included a funky move that did the same thing in his seminal "Red Pants" video.

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Video Tech Blog #147: horizontal stacking patterns based on Leo's breakdown, cont'd

Two more fundamental components of horizontal stacking explored here: the cateye and the point isolation. Neither of these moves is very stable and both require a little big of fudging to line up perfectly with the other poi, but there's still some cool applications for using them both--especially in the last pattern outlined here. Sorry about the uninspired music choice,'s nearly 1:30 AM and I just don't feel like digging through my music collection for something else :-P

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Video Tech Blog #143: atomic horizontal stacks

I spent the weekend hanging out with some of my very favorite spinners at Wesleyan University's Winter Fire Arts Festival. While there, Insignia suggested to me that I try horizontal stacks in atomic planes and a funky boxing pattern emerged. I realize before long that depending on the type of stack I was doing, that I could then plane shift out of it and resolve to a more familiar move. Thanks for the suggestion, Christian!

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Video Tech Blog #93: 1.5 stacking

This weekend at Wildfire included a whole slew of point-isolating moves from Noel. One of which was an interesting 1.5 pattern that I tried to learn and this is what came out. Charlie thinks it's different than what Noel was doing, but unfortunately I didn't get it on camera so I've no way to be sure. Either way, however, here it is: a reverse 1.5 with unit circle spacing that uses poi head/hand contact to switch into a stacking move on each side.

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