Fire dancing--hoop, poi, and staff with GoPro!

My first attempt at a video compilation with my new GoPro! :) A couple of these are a little hazy because I forgot to clean the lense in between takes and there was a hell of a lot of pollen in the air. Thanks so much to all the folks who let me video them! :)

Music: "The City" by The 1975

Jeremy Croxton
Tim Goddard
Justin Warren & Christina Koller

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Video Tech Blog #174: Another look at toroid flowers

Months ago I did a couple tech blogs on toroid flowers, that is flowers that are created by constantly plane-bending the poi around a circular hand path. The resulting corkscrew motion then loops back in upon itself, suggestion a circular tube and hence a toroid. Charlie and Ted had suggested to me that there was an antispin variant on this flower and showed it to me at Fall Wildfire last year. It's come up again both because it means our conception of inspin toroidal flowers was off and because it turns out it's closely related to some of the Arashi-based tech I've played with of late.

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Bliss and Jonny staves Friday Firedrums 2011

The first minute of this was epic--this latter part is pretty good too, though :) Bliss and Jonny mix up some sweet staff manipulations with some yoga poses and a small dose of what looks like capoeira to me.

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Adam Herscheid double dragon staves Saturday Firedrums 2011

Adam Herscheid double dragon staves Saturday Firedrums 2011

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Ted (Elemensce) spins contact buugeng

One of those utter WTF moments when someone shows you something that blows your mind. Ted figured out a bunch of contact moves for buugeng. I can't wait to see him string a bunch of these together.

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Flow practice 9/28/09: Double Staves

My first doubles video! Be kind...:)

Not the greatest doubles routine in history--I get tripped up in this one a lot, but I at least wanted to show off some of the fun stuff I've learned since I picked up doubles back in February. I recorded this one right after my most recent poi flow video on Sunday afternoon at the Malcolm X park drum circle.

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Saturday night at Firedrums 2009

A sample of the craziness of the circle at Firedrums 2009 in the circle Saturday night. Seriously, there was so much damn fire the safeties must've been going crazy. Cyrille is spinning just to the left of center about midway back, but I don't recognize any of the other spinners in this vid. If you do, let me know and I'll add them to the tags. Seriously, down in front, motherf$%ker!

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