under the legs

Basic Poi Dancing Tutorial: Under the legs

Under the legs tricks tend to pass in and out of vogue, but the underlying concept has a lot in common with the reel turns we've played with before. Here are a couple basic exercises to get the basic elements down.

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Video Tech Blog #50: flower-CAP stall switches, elliptical CAPs, atomics

Still practicing hyperloops--I feel like I've got a lot of catching up to do with this, so repetition is key. I've also added under the legs moves to my catchup game for beginner to intermediate skills. Beyond that, I keep finding more stuff I love to do with CAPs. First up is taking the flower stall switch from last week and instead switching to a CAP. In wallplane, it creates a really cool pattern that I want to play with more.

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Poi spiral wrap variations

A grab-bag of variants on the poi spiral wrap that include other parts of the body and distances between the poi for the wraps.

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