Basic Poi Dancing Tutorial: Giants

Giants are one of those moves that take you out of keeping your hands still and your poi moving and set you up for extensions and flowers, which are essential to many intermediate moves. Here are a few basic exercises that can help these moves make a little more sense. That and they take up quite a lot of room, so they look really cool :)

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Drex's Tech Poi Blog #313: The airwrap cube

An interesting property of wall plane insides that Alien Jon showed to me while I was in Boulder for Christmas: the arms analog to an airwrap is a 4-beat windmill or watermill and in theory this is just a truncated version of a hyperloop/inversion. Jon pointed out to me, though, that when spinning clockwise with the crosspoint pointed down (as it would be in an airwrap), the only watermill one has access to in wall plane has the left hand leading.

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Basic Poi Dancing Tutorial: 4-beat fountain

Taking threads from the past three weeks worth of videos: how to chain together the forwards weave, reverse weave, windmill, and weave turn together into a fountain variant that has some body tracer elements. This move can be done either inspin or antispin and sets up a lot of great moves down the line.

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Basic Poi Dancing Tutorial: Windmills

Windmills are a fun variant on two-beat weaves that you do around your head. They're great for level-changing among other things. He's the best technique I know for learning them--it also gives you some of the basic motor skills that go into a lot of other moves around the head.

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Video Tech Blog #183: the hybrid family challenge

This is a little bit of an experiment in interactivity with this vlog. I've played a lot in recent videos with the concept of a hybrid family--a move that will interlock with other moves at a specific or multiple positions. I've take this idea to the point where I can take some of my favorite moves and at each of the 4 compass points be able to transition to a completely different type of move. In this vid I demo triquetra vs pendulum and use it to switch to a point isolation, a windmill, a horizontal stack, and a unit circle hybrid.

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Drex's Tech Poi Blog #173: Odds and Ends 3

Included in this odds and ends collection: a few variants on horizontal pendulum stall stacking and by popular demand some of the Arashi tech I've had on the blog lately rendered with glow so you can see the trails of the poi as they go along. Finally, a nifty hybrid e6 and I worked on this weekend--taking Arashi tech and hybridizing it with trochoid spinning. The result is ultra bizarre, but I think looks really cool.

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Video Tech Blog #122: Cool 1.5 based tunneling pattern

Just a funky pattern I played around with Sunday with Erik that it turns out yields some cool looking tunneling/composites. I took some video of the two of us doing the pattern together that I'll hopefully get posted in the next week. This is just a step-by-step of how the move is done.

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