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Strange Yelle fire poi FLAME Festival 4-9-11

Here's a nice spin Strange Yelle (real name Danielle I believe?) had on Saturday night at the FLAME Festival. I love the parts where she gets really into the music and rocks out :)

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Noel spins fire poi at FLAME Festival 4-9-11

This is Noel's first burn on Saturday night at the FLAME Festival in Georgia and it's one of the cleanest sets I've ever seen him do. I'm really glad I was able to capture this one on video :)

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Poi Blog: Wesleyan's Winter Fire Arts Festival 2011

For a while now I've been wanting to use my video blog to document elements of fire culture as I travel and meet people. This is my first attempt to do so: last weekend I went up to Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT for their Prometheus Club's Winter Fire Arts Festival for some epic geekage and workshops. Here are some of the highlights of the weekend as well as a brief interview with the two ladies who made me coming there possible.

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Charlie hits his flow (poi)

Spent the weekend hanging out with some of my favorite poi peoples in the New York City area and on Saturday we hung out in Brooklyn right off Myrtle Ave in a small dance space. At one point we took turns grooving to a mix my friend DJ Sequoia put together months ago and Charlie threw out this session. I've known Charlie for a couple years now and without a doubt, this is the most kick-ass flow I've ever seen the kid do.

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Spinning in DC on Halloween

The day after a massive party that brought dozens of firespinners to DC following the Stewart and Colbert rallies, a few die-hards stuck around for a spin jam at Malcolm X Park in DC. Here is Baz, Ted, Maddy, Erik (e6), and me (Drex) hanging out and spinning in the park till sundown.

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Charlie, Drex, Ted (Elemensce), and Erik (E6) composite/tunneling at Fall Wildfire 2010

Charlie, Ted, Erik, and I took to the practice field Saturday night to break out a few 4 person patterns. It was a bear and a half to get them synchronized, but when we got them they looked positively amazing.

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Ted and Charlie composite/tunneling Fall Wildfire 2010

Ted and Charlie play off some awesome tunneling/composite moves at Fall Wildfire 2010.

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Ted (Elemensce) spins contact buugeng

One of those utter WTF moments when someone shows you something that blows your mind. Ted figured out a bunch of contact moves for buugeng. I can't wait to see him string a bunch of these together.

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Charlie spins fire at Fall Wildfire 2010

This is Charlie busting it out on Saturday night at Fall Wildfire. There's totally some tech here I barely understand (despite his best efforts to teach me ;). Overall a really kickass exploration of poi.

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Ted Petrosky (Elemensce) spins fire at Fall Wildfire 2010

This is Ted spinning on Saturday night out in the practice field at Fall Wildfire. Some great flow and great tech--I really loved watching him spin this weekend.

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