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Noel Yee and Jordan Campbell partner poi Spring Wildfire 2010

Noel and Jordan from the Vulcan crew bust out some partner poi, including composites, partner weaves, and partner flowers Saturday night at Spring Wildfire 2010.

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Kate McCoy spins doubles at Spring Wildfire 2010

Kate whips out the doubles for lovely set Saturday night at Spring Wildfire 2010.

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Alien Jon shows how to compose a 6-petal antispin poi flower

I had a lot of footage from Firedrums that I couldn't get into the video I made last week, so I'm going to post a couple of the things that wound up on the editing room floor this week. Here is Alien Jon teaching a crowd of eager onlookers (including myself) how to create 6-petal antispin flowers out of pieces we're familiar with from box and diamond mode antispin flowers.

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Firedrums 2010 Retrospective

Here is a video retrospective of Firedrums this year featuring some of my favorite artists: Marvin, Yuta, Annetta, Valery, Adam, Kate, Noel, Memory, Bliss, Tash, Brecken, Thomas, Fyn, and many many more. Hopefully the utter thrill and joy of this event comes across here. Sorry for its tardiness--I had tried to edit it as a tech blog but found it worked infinitely better this way.

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Yuta fire poi - Firedrums 2010 Friday night

Yuta lights up at the first night of Firedrums 2010. A few guests pop by for some fun, but all told it's a pretty clean shot of him from start to finish.

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Dale Fisher double staff - Firedrums 2010 Saturday night

East coast represent! Here's Dale working his doubles on Saturday night at Firedrums 2010.

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Chris Rovo fire poi - Firedrums 2010 Saturday night

Chris "Rovo" Bailey tearing it up in the circle at Firedrums 2010 Saturday night.

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Ronan fire poi - Firedrums 2010 Saturday night

Not the best angle, but also not bad given how much the crowd was moving. This was Ronan's second burn after I made it to the circle Saturday night at Firedrums 2010.

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Yuta Performance - Temple of Poi Expo 2010

Unfortunately I missed the first minute and a half of this as it dawned on me that I should record Yuta's performance as well as sit agape watching it in awe, but I still managed to catch some highlights. This was an awesome routine and I'm really glad I caught any of it.

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Chris "Rovo" Bailey spins fire poi in Pittsburgh on 11/13/09

Over the weekend I made a trip up to Pittsburgh to listen to a good friend spin some sick dubstep and while there I got to catch up with a few of my very favorite fire spinners. Here's Chris Rovo throwing out some incendiary tech at the after party.

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