Flow Practice

Exploring Spaces -- 2011 Christmas Tech Poi Vid

My entry for the yearly Christmas tech vid challenge!

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Drex 2011-2012 Promo

A sample of my performance style for the tail end of 2011 into 2012.

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Breaking In My New Camera :)

I got the new iPhone yesterday and wanted to test out the camera, so I came to the park to get a little bit of flow on. It may just be the bigger screen but it sure seems to be giving my flip a run for its money :)

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Drex spins Saturday night Fall Wildfire 2011

Drex spins Saturday night Fall Wildfire 2011

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"Olé" Poi Performance at Summer Wildfire 2011

A poi performance I did at Summer Wildfire. Something a little bit new with some dance and clowning thrown in. I got great responses on it, so I'm going to post it and hope folks enjoy it. Thanks to Mitch for the camera work.

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A Walk in the Park -- 4 years of spinning poi

I realized I had failed to mark a milestone in April and the opportunity came up today to shoot some video. Nothing fancy here--just a single take of tech flow with a hilarious mashup in the background. Here's to 4 years of doing what I love :)

A couple people have asked about the song. It's from here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kspPE9E1yGM

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Poi dancing -- MLK Day 2011

It's been a long time since I've uploaded a real flow performance video, so I thought I'd make the MLK Day vid an annual tradition. It is not nearly as warm this January in DC as it was last year, so my hands were pretty icy by the end of this, but overall I'm pretty happy with the results. Some fun tech from the past few months in here and some shivery attempts to add some more body movement into it--enjoy!

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2010 Christmas Poi video

The tradition lives on! Here's my entry for Noel's Christmas poi video thread on the Facebook Tech Poi Group. This is my first time using iMovie '11 for video editing and I have to say I much prefer the old version :-P Oh, well...merry christmas, everyone!

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Drex Fall Wildfire 2010 Performance Class

With only a few days to work on it, I pulled this performance together for Wildfire's Performance Class on Sunday night. There were a couple rough spots, but ultimately I think it was a decent routine for the prep time I had.

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Drex spins fire at Hookahdome -- Burning Man 2010

After the temple burn at Burning Man 2010, a bunch of the firespinners on the playa congregated at Hookahdome for one last firejam. Here I am doing what I think was actually my last spin of the week and personally I think the exhaustion is showing a bit. I'm glad I got a spin on video, though--enjoy!

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