Flow Practice

Drex and Charlie partner poi Spring Wildfire 2010

Charlie and I took a chance to play with some composite patterns on Saturday night and really dug the results. We hope you guys do, too.

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Flow practice: MLK Day 2010

DC finally came out of its deep freeze just in time for a warm MLK Day. I headed down to Dupont Circle for the day to enjoy the sun and do a little free spinning. Enjoy!

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Christmas vid - 2009

Here's my entry for MCP's Christmas video thread on Home of Poi. DC got dumped with almost two feet of snow and it provided an excellent opportunity to get a unique view of the monuments on the national mall. It was, however, hella cold that night, so regrettably my spinning was neither as clean nor as fast as I would have liked.

Happy holidays, folks :)

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Drex spins fire poi on Thanksgiving 2009

Lots of requests lately for a fire vid, so here's one of me performing at an informal spin jam on Thanksgiving night. Note when I whiff a BTB 5-beat waistwrap and My ubersloppy diagonal plane attempts ;)

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Flow practice 9/28/09: Double Staves

My first doubles video! Be kind...:)

Not the greatest doubles routine in history--I get tripped up in this one a lot, but I at least wanted to show off some of the fun stuff I've learned since I picked up doubles back in February. I recorded this one right after my most recent poi flow video on Sunday afternoon at the Malcolm X park drum circle.

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Flow practice 9-28-09

A gig over the weekend afforded me the opportunity to pull out a pair of flag poi I hadn't used in forever and realized a lot of my tech worked even with the tails. The first minute and a half of this is choreo I'd developed for a different performance up in Philly this past weekend that didn't come together. After that it's all improv and a whole lot of fun :)

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Flow Practice 8-8-09

Waiting for an oil change gave me a perfect chance to try out some flow! Not terribly dancey or big in footwork, but there are some cool experiments with pendulums, wraps, and LOTS of plane-changing here. Not all of it works terribly well, but there are some cool transitions in here. Also--some attempts at dropping the spherical CAP pattern into flow. Enjoy!

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Drex spins fire poi Saturday night at Spring Wildfire 2009

I've gotten a lot of requests for footage of me spinning fire, so here goes. The first usable video I've gotten of me with my poi lit up. Enjoy!

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Flow Practice 5/17/09

Out in Malcolm X Park, I wanted to practice integrating a couple things I'd been playing with into normal flow to see what would happen. These items include the stall patterns I've been working with lately like 3D stalls (with some Yuta-style patterns), and improving my stance and footwork so my lower body is less wooden when I perform. For reasons I can't explain I seem to be blowing on something very hard every few seconds and for the life of me I can't recall why. Hopefully this vid gets flamed less than the last time I posted a video of myself playing with flow.

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Drex and Thomas spin poi in the park

One cold January afternoon, Drex and Thomas took to Malcolm X park in Washington DC to play poi and meteor and Mount Pleasant will never be the same again ;)

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