Basic Poi Dancing Tutorial: Crossers

By request: Nick Woolsey actually did a great tutorial on crossers a couple years ago that I think really did an amazing job of summing up how to get the move down. Here's a breakdown of the move that incorporates his advice plus a couple bits aimed at people who may be more beginners than his video was aimed for.

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Basic Poi Dancing Tutorial: turning with antispin flowers

By request! How to turn with antispin flowers! It's not as hard as you'd think--if you've done my tutorials on basic turns with poi you'll be right at home as you work up to this type of trick. You're basically looking to execute a tic-tac and then perform a petal in between each one. Expand out the size of your hand path and voila! You get turns with antispins :)

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Basic Poi Dancing Tutorial: Top stalls

My tutorial on stalls weeks ago left out one very important option: top stalls. After several requests, I've done a tutorial just on that type of stall. Here are three different approaches to learning the technique.

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Basic Poi Dancing Tutorial: Tangles part 3 orbitals

Capping off our series on tangles with the baddest tangle of them all: the orbital! If you haven't already, check out last week's tutorial on hyperloops because it'll be REALLY important this week (http://youtu.be/XB_Jjh70FDs).

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Basic Poi Dancing Tutorial: Tangles part 2 hyperloops

Last week we talked about air wraps and this week we're going to take that same idea and apply it to moving across the body. This is a concept known as a hyperloop and while it takes quite a bit of work to get to, it's a great stepping stone to getting to orbitals.

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Basic Poi Dancing Tutorial: Tangles part 1 - air wraps

A tutorial on the most basic tangle--the air wrap is a tangle in wall plane that immediately untangles itself after two beats. Here are a number of tricks for breaking it down if, like me, the trick was very counter-intuitive to you. Next week we will cover applying some of these lessons to learning hyper loops.

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Basic Poi Dancing Tutorial: Cateyes

The first of a few weeks' worth of tutorials requested by you, my viewers! This first one is on cateyes, which I don't normally think of as a beginner trick, but the standards of such things have definitely changed since I started spinning. Here is the simplest way I know to break down a vertical cateye for all you folks out there who are working on this trick.

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Basic Poi Dancing Tutorial: Pendulums and 1.5s

Part 1 of transition tools--tricks you can use to switch between other tricks! This is on pendulums and 1.5s. Pendulums work by not allowing the poi to complete a circle and because of that they switch direction whenever they reach the height of their arc. One move that makes use of this phenomenon is the 1.5 beat weave and in this video I demo both how to learn the 1.5 beat weave and how to use it to switch to other moves.

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Basic Poi Dancing Tutorial: 4-beat fountain

Taking threads from the past three weeks worth of videos: how to chain together the forwards weave, reverse weave, windmill, and weave turn together into a fountain variant that has some body tracer elements. This move can be done either inspin or antispin and sets up a lot of great moves down the line.

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Basic Poi Dancing Tutorial: Windmills

Windmills are a fun variant on two-beat weaves that you do around your head. They're great for level-changing among other things. He's the best technique I know for learning them--it also gives you some of the basic motor skills that go into a lot of other moves around the head.

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