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Abject shots from Sean and Tash's roof

Wow...seriously love this shot, Abject--thanks so much for taking these and for the great conversation on Saturday night! :)

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Fun with stalls and hybrids

Interesting move combo finds me while I finish up a one-pager on Twitter strategy for work: from same-time opposites do simultaneous top-stalls that stop with the hands right next to each other. Continue the movement of one while isolating the other the opposite direction it just came from, in other words switch to the "split-time" iso vs. extension hybrid with hands together. Playing around after I finish the one-pager shows it's possible, though without a mirror I reckon it's quite sloppy.

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A fond farewell

Over the weekend I bid a fond farewell to two of my favorite people in the world: Tash Kouri and Sean Stogner. They've been keeping the firespinning community going in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn for the past four years as they've been finishing up college in between starting a hoop performance troop called the Gyronauts and doing more gigs than I can count.

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In search of the Carolingian Cross

In my last blog posting, I noted an interesting shape based upon the triquetra I'd found in a wikipedia article and was pretty sure could be accomplished with poi--I've spent most of the past evening and day thinking through how and coming up with different approaches to it.

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Further adventures with Triquetras

For most of the past year, I've called this trick a trifoil or antispin flower hybrid, yet somehow overnight the terminology switched to triquetra and I didn't know why until Nick Woolsey posted his latest online tutorial.

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A blast from my past

Last weekend at PDF, Ian (Imperial) and myself collaborated on some poi shots for Abject when he was set up near PEX the final night of the event. He'd mentioned that the shots would be up in a few days and I just went to check. While our shots are not up yet, I did stumble into something that hit me with a major flash of nostalgia:

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Noel-ski's timing and direction vids

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And so it begins

So it's finally happened...I bit the bullet and started up a new blog. My old one was a relic of post high-school days and I've written from time to time on subjects that interest me from the business plan of the Kindle to my ongoing and deep-seated hatred of the major record label companies (when they finally collapse, big party at my house--serious), but up until now I haven't had anything to write about that I deemed a regular blog to be worthwhile to keep up.

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