DrexFactor Flow Cargo Pants

DrexFactor Flow Cargo Pants--stylish pants for Flow Artists!
DrexFactor Flow Cargo Pants come in a variety of colors and sizesWorn in many of my videos, Flow Cargo pants are my favorite!Flow Cargo Pants are perfect for practice, fire, and performance!
Price: $55.00

As featured in many of my videos--flow cargo pants! These hard-to-find but stylish pants have been my favorite style for many years. Now you can pick up a pair for yourself! Colors are variable--each one is a unique work of art!

Features Include:

  • Super COMFORTABLE--leaves plenty of room for movement
  • STYLISH accents with multiple panels of color and bright cable accents!
  • FIRE-RESISTANT cotton--great for fire spinning and costuming!
  • Cargo pants--TONS of pockets and storage room!
  • UNIQUE alternative to harem pants!

Sizing information:

Waist is adjustable--inseam is the best way to size these! These are NOT pre-shrunk, but the measurements listed in sizing should work for post-shrinking measurements. Run them through the wash when you first get them!