Drex's Road Diary: Czech Republic and Pyroterra

What is home?

It's a deceptively simple question but it somehow becomes a lot more complicated when you travel frequently. I have people and places that feel like home to me all over the world.

Home feels like watching Game of Thrones with my friend Kate McCoy in Ohio. Home feels like catching up with my friend Tracy in New York City. Home feels like hiking where I grew up in Colorado.

Back in 2004 I lived in the Czech Republic in a town called Olomouc (pronounced Oh-la-moats) for several months and always endeavored to return. Last week, the amazing folks in Pyroterra brought me back to the Czech Republic and I was amazed to find that it felt like home, too.

This is no small accomplishment given that to my knowledge I have no Czech ancestry nor firm grasp on the language.

Sometimes having your home spread out all over the world feels maddening--like nowhere will every truly feel like home. Other times you get to go someplace that should be exotic and realize that home is wherever you make it.

I put together a little summary video of my travels through the Czech Republic last week. You can see me teaching workshops to Czech jugglers, spinning in the courtyards of beautiful Czech castles, and sharing with you some of my favorite things I experienced while I was there.

Click on below to learn about a country I have truly come to love.

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