Beginner Poi Dance Combo for July 2017

Learning transitions is almost like learning poi all over again.

We all know that feeling when you've spent hours trying to learn a trick and the moment of victory when you can do it reliably.

Then you realize you have no idea how to connect it to your other tricks...

Many of us when we first start out simply do a trick for a few repetitions, stop spinning, do our next trick for a few reps, and stop again.

It can be an agonizing way to start out--especially if you're spinning fire!

So many of you have written to me that one of the big things you struggle with is chaining together moves to be able to flow more freely. That's why every month I release a new video tutorial on a poi combo that strings together tricks I've covered in other tutorial videos on my channel.

By popular demand, this month's combo is for beginners! It only requires that you know your waistwraps, windmills, pulse weaves, and spiral wraps.

Go give it a gander and let me see your own version of this combo by posting it to Instagram with the hashtag #drexfactorpoi

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