Top 10 Favorite Poi Spinners of 2017

2017 was definitely the year of string manipulations and continued our community down the road of fusing poi with juggling. I'm also pleased to see that it is the first year we've had three women in top 10 (can't wait till it's half or more!).

Chris Kelly returned to the top spot after being dethroned by Tim Goddard last year. It should be noted that they were separated by only 3 votes so if this keeps up it'll be anybody's game next year.

We've had 6 people from last year's list return for this year: Chris Kelly, Tim Goddard, Ashlee Galliford, Cassaundra Smyth, myself, and Justin Hinde. New to the list this year are Jeremiah Jacobs, Lara Lyo, Dan Betlejewski, and Logan Harris.

Dan Betlejewski and Lara Lyo in particular have been in the top 20 for years now and it's great to see them both finally crack into the top 10.

There are definitely some things I would love to see more out of the list this year. For one thing unless I'm mistaken there are no people of color at all on this list this year and it has a heavy pro-American bias. All but 2 people on the list are from the United States. We have a diverse artform and I wish it were better reflected here.

You can see the full vote count broken down below. Be sure to watch the video for the full top 10!


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