Poi Dancing - Yucatán Flow

Life wears us down and tends to tear us away in tiny little pieces, making it hard to remember how full of wonder the world can be.

What's really awesome is when you're able to find moments of beauty through it all. If you leave yourself open to this kind of discovery, you'll find these moments of beauty appearing more often than you might think!

Several weeks ago my girlfriend and I took a vacation to the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico. I will totally admit that I was pretty grumpy and exhausted and wasn't even sure I wanted to go.

It took a few days for me to find my groove, but what really inspired me was finding a new city, Mérida, that I totally fell in love with. Our last full day in Mexico, we traveled the city's plazas and I recorded a little video, finding a unique inspiration for shooting in every spot that we visited.

I'm happy to report that those beautiful plazas refilled my dying batteries and inspired me to create something that I was proud of. Check it out!


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