Poi Workshops

Want to bring me to your area? Request a workshop using my Eventful widget.

If you've seen me perform a type of trick in my tech blog, you can request I teach a workshop on it when I come to your area.

How can you get me to your area?

The two most important things I consider in where I go to teach a workshop is demand and a venue. If you can get your friends to request me on Eventful, the more requests I get the more likely I am to come. If you know of a venue in your area that would be perfect to host a workshop, contact me and let me know--this is also a big incentive for me to come.


I have taught at more than a half dozen festivals the world over and would be delighted to hear about yours. Please email me via my contact form and tell me about your event. I have taught at Firedrums, Burning Man, NoWhere, Transformus, Playa Del Fuego, Kinetic, Wildfire, and the Tahoe Flow Arts Festival. I teach all levels and would love to contribute to your event in any way I can.