Learn Poi

Poi is a beautiful art that challenges the body, the mind, and the spirit. Whether you are intimately familiar with the art or just on the beginning of your journey with the tool, I have the tools to help you progress in your practice.

"I believe in poi as a vehicle for self-empowerment, mental focus, and physical well-being."

Ben "Drex" Drexler is originally from Boulder, Colorado, but has called DC his home for the past six years. He has been spinning poi for over seven years and in that time has taught through countless retreats, festivals, and online videos. His tutorials on YouTube have been viewed over 1 million times and he has taught hundreds of students the art of poi all across the world.

The Benefits of Poi:

  • Strength training for the shoulders and upper body--tone those arms!

  • Teaches discipline

  • Focuses the mind in a meditative state to help you avoid distractions

  • Challenges and exercises the brain!

Benefits of Poi Education:

  • Foundational exercises that lead to breakthroughs in technique

  • New tricks to push your progress forward

  • A structured learning environment that will create a clear line of progression and help you level up!

Poi Spinning Basics

If you're new to poi, this is where you should start! I offer a 13-video series of beginner poi tutorials via Curious.com that introduces students to many of the basic concepts and moves of poi spinning. It includes many exercises and drills that will help to develop your technique and begin to explore your own flow.

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Private Lessons/Poi Coaching

If group settings intimidate you or you'd like to progress in the art as rapidly as possible, private lessons offer an experience tailored specific to your needs. I'll meet you for an hour every week either at your home or the location of your choice for an intensive poi workout built around your individual interests in the art. I offer a special 4-week introductory session that includes a set of practice poi and is capped off with a special lesson where you'll spin fire for the first time! Think of me as your own personal poi fitness coach.

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Group Classes in the DC Area

If you learn best in a group setting with other students to work off of and a mix between personal instruction and self-directed study, I offer a weekly mixed-level group lesson. Here, you'll have the opportunity to progress while making new friends and working toward choreographed pieces and get the opportunity to work on partner poi and other topics that require multiple people.

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I offer many one-off workshops for all skill levels for special events. You can see a list of currently offered workshops and see if one is right for your event. These workshops are also frequently offered at a variety of regional events throughout the country as I tour for the fire and flow festival season. Write the event organizers and let them know you'd like to see me on the schedule!

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Reference Library

Over the years I've come across a number of helpful documents that shed light on key aspects of poi theory. To make these resources easier to find, I've aggregated them into this handy reference library. If you want to learn more about concepts ranging from CAPs to Unit Circle Hybrids, this section will have the resources you need.

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Tech Blog

For six years I've posted regular videos to YouTube of the different tricks and techniques I've developed as a movement and poi artist. Here I've collected the majority of these videos into an archive tagged to help you find more videos on the tricks you like. All videos can be streamed or downloaded directly to your computer.

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