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MLK Day Flow 2016

My annual tradition returns! Free flowing in Washington, DC's beautiful Dupont Circle park with the fountain behind me as I play around with one-handed flow, dance/poi fusion, and frankly just trying to stay warm! It was 10 degrees out as I spun and the camera kept dying because the batteries wouldn't work in the cold.

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Poi Dancing MLK Day 2014: Dancing on my own

Silly, sloppy practice in Dupont Circle for my annual MLK Day flow video tradition ;) Sometimes I get really into a song that I know everyone else is going to hate...and then I love the song that much more anyway!

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Christmas Poi Fun

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Poi Tricks: DrexFactor Spring 2013 Compilation

A collection of my favorite poi tricks I've learned and played with since March of this year. Some of these have wound up in tech blogs or performance choreography but most of them haven't. Featuring a lot of body tracers, contact rolls, stacking, funky hybrids and more!

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Poi Spinning - A Day in the Rain - 6 years vid

It's been six years since poi entered by life and changed it forever more. I've learned a lot in that time--enough to know how much there still is to learn ;) This is just a showcase of some of my favorite things I have learned in that time. I will confess that contrary to my aims, this is not a single unbroken take, but a composite of three. Thanks everyone for watching! I can't wait for what the next six years will bring ;)


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"Icarus" Poi Performance at Flow Show NYC

The last performance I gave of "Icarus", the piece I created for the New York Flow Show. Icarus was the son of Daedalus, a skilled Minoan craftsman who created the Labyrinth. Both were imprisoned in the complex till Daedalus built wings out of wood, wax, and feathers for them to fly out and escape. During the attempt, Icarus was so consumed with the elation of flight that he flew higher and higher till the heat from the sun melted his wings and he plunged back down to his death.

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Poi Dancing: Autumn Leaves 10-21-2012

It's been quite a long time since I've uploaded a flow video and the unusually warm weather we've had in DC the past couple weeks inspired me to get out and put a few things to video. Things to look out for: lots of single poi manipulations, toroids, inversions, and more!

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Foreways 3 - July 11, 2012 - 5 hours of choreo

A continuation of the Foreways project--Noel came into town for one day and we spent 5 hours writing this piece before recording it. This was our second take of the final piece and though there are a couple bits that are out of synch overall I think the piece was a great success :)

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Footwerk 1/29/12

This is the first time I've spun when I've spent as much time thinking about what my feet are doing as I did about what my poi were doing. I had a really epic flow session leading up to this and there's some laughably bad moments, but overall I feel like this is just as interesting to watch as some of my techier videos but in a very different sort of way.

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MLK Day 2012

Posting a week late, I know...but trust me it was recorded on MLK Day. About ten minutes after I'd gotten off a bus coming home from New York, in fact. The tradition lives on if slightly delayed ;)

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