Top 10 Favorite Poi Spinners of 2016 Vote Rundown

The top 10 favorite poi spinners of 2016 video is out! This is the fifth year of this project and like every year, this one broke many of the rules I'd come to believe about how the vote count sorts out. First and most important (to me) is that this is the first year that two women have made the list! Ever since we had a list of 10 men I've badly wanted to see more women crack into the top 10 and this was the year I finally got my wish.

Sadly, one of my favorite women spinners in the community missed tying for 10 place by only three votes. Here's hoping more people turn onto Lara Lyo's work in the coming year because I'd love to see her rewarded for it.

This is also the least turnover the top 10 has ever had. The only person to drop out of the list is Mike Davis. We've added 2 because we had a tie for 10th place (I swore in the voting video that I was going to cut the number following a tie to prevent having to edit 11 poi spinners into the video, then there was a tie for 10th and the joke was on me). This gave Ashlee Galliford, a wonder up and coming poi spinner from Houston and Justin Hinde, a longtime contributor to the community a chance to crack into it.

Aside from that, the list has seen many of the same characters as last year switch places back and forth. Tim Goddard after many years of haunting the top 3 has finally claimed the number 1 slot (and it's richly deserved--this year he produced not just some of the most cutting edge poi moves in the community but also one of the most innovative ideas for a video I've ever seen).

As always, you can check out the full vote count below. Thanks for a great year, everyone!

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