Visual Poi Version 4 Review and Walkthrough

Programmable poi are one of the most exciting offerings in the world of poi from the past few years.

Being able to see pictures and messages in the trails of poi has been a game changer for performers as well as casual spinners--even resulting in one of the first poi videos to gain more than 1 million views!

One of the most innovative companies making strides in this area is Pyroterra's prop making division Lighttoys and they're now releasing their 4th-generation Visual Poi.

Quite frankly, they're the most advanced poi I've ever had the pleasure of using. The new generation not only features a super slick program for creating your own series of images in your trails but also can be paired with the company's FT remote controls to gain the ability to change programs and colors on the fly!

I did not one but two videos on these new poi. The first is for those of us poi hobbyists who are interested in how easy they are to use. The second is for flow professionals who need to know the details of how they're programmed, how durable they are, what the battery life is like, etc.

Check out both videos to learn more about these amazing sets of poi!

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