video production

Making Videos on a Budget

A very large number of us in the Flow Arts world interact and communicate with each other in visual form, specifically through videos. I think quite a lot of us dream of a really professional setup with a top of the line camcorder or DSLR, a well-lit studio, and extensive production facilities.

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Drex's Tech Poi Blog #361: How I make my Tech Blogs part 3 promotion and analytics

The final installment of my video series on how I make my tech blogs and the longest yet--this one covers how I promote my videos once they're published and how I gauge the success of them. Included here is information on monetization, how I get around restrictions on Facebook Pages, and why I don't post every video I make to Tech Poi or Reddit.

In situations where I want to share videos but I know I'll be on the road and unable to do it manually, I'll use Buffer for both Facebook and Twitter:


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Drex's Tech Poi Blog #360: How I make my tech blogs part 2 Editing

Everything you ever wanted to know about how I make my videos, continuing with editing! This is a three-part series on everything that goes into my tech blogs and tutorials, including time spent on different elements, the technology and editing process, and promotion for my videos. This video focuses on the editing process, both for audio and video and the different software that I use for each. Coming next week: publishing and promoting my content.

Software that I use:
Adobe After Effects

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