Basic Poi Dancing Tutorial: 5-beat weaves

5-beat weaves are an occasionally-helpful tool to add to your weave belt but they do involve retraining your arms somewhat how to perform a weave. Here's a step-by-step of how you can do this.

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Video Tech Blog #52: Yuta-stall flowers, Icon tech, octagonal planes

This blog starts off with a demo of a 5-beat behind the back waistwrap that is still awkward and sloppy but I'm noticing I'm reaching for it in my BTB weaves now. Next is some explorations of the use of Yuta stalls to create horizontal flowers by stalling into an inversion rather than outswing as one usually does with this type of plane-bending. There's also some theory here as to how to use the Rastaxel stall shift pattern to create octagonal planes and finally a very special shout-out and a couple pieces of tech courtesy Mike Icon.

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