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Profiles in Poi: Teddy Petrosky

Profiles in poi covers one of my dearest friends in the spinning world--Teddy Petrosky (Elemensce). Here, Teddy tells the story of how he first saw poi as a shy kid 9 years ago and how it won out over his other hobbies to become his passion in life.


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"Foreways 3" Poi Duet Drex and Noel Yee - Flow Show NYC 2013

Flow Show NYC was epic this year! :) Noel and I brought the piece we'd written together the previous summer to the Big Apple. This was our performance of it from the second Saturday night show on 12/14/13.


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Profiles in Poi: Marvin Ong

By popular demand! Continuing my series of interviews with fascinating people in the poi community with the one and only Marvin Ong. Here, Marvin relates how he got into spinning, what drew him to the community, and how he elected to pursue spinning full time as Master Ong. A true immigrant success story! :)

Visit Marvin on the web at:

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Drex's Tech Poi Blog #336: Infinite folding lines (the other way!)

Following my video on infinite folding lines thanks to Keith Marshall's influence, Tim Goddard (Tim from Adelaide! ;) challenged me to learn the fold going the opposite direction. It's not terribly pretty, but here it is!

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Drex's Tech Poi Blog #334: Contact Poi Folding Lines Drill

While spending time spinning with Keith Marshall, he strongly implored me to even out my contact tricks--practicing each roll and fold with each hand. He showed me a drill to work out folding lines with each hand, but I realized it only encompassed half a fold. This is my version of the same drill, including the line fold in each direction for each hand.

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Drex's Tech Poi Blog #246: Lanternsmith Glow Poi Review

A couple weeks ago Charlie was kind enough to send me one of the prototypes of his new glow poi at Lanternsmith. They don't work like normal glow poi where you have an LED element with a battery at the end of a tether. Instead you charge them up using some high-powered LEDs and they glow in the dark for several minutes before you recharge them again. Here is a demo of the poi in action as well as some thoughts on their use an efficacy.

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Drex's Tech Poi Blog #220: Contact rolls from shoulder tosses

Last weekend as Ted and I played around in the Dube showroom in Manhattan, he showed me this nifty use for a toss forward over the shoulder. I'd seen Ronan doing this toss on the playa but hadn't yet thought of a good use for it, but Ted pointed out that one could then catch the poi head in cradle and the direction of the handle would continue in the direction to initiate a contact roll down the back of the forearm. The catch for this is exceptionally difficult, but I really like the result. Enjoy! :)

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